About Miss Paldon

Tenzin Paldon, crowned Miss Tibet 2017, has not only made her mark in the Miss Tibet pageant but has also represented Tibetan beauty and culture on various international platforms. Following her success in the Miss Tibet competition , Tenzin Paldon has been an advocate for Tibetan causes and has participated in other beauty pageants to promote awareness and solidarity. Tenzin Paldon's participation in other beauty pageants highlights her commitment to raising visibility for Tibet and its unique cultural heritage on a global scale.
By representing her community in different contests, she has contributed to fostering cross-cultural understanding and shedding light on the challenges faced by Tibetans. Through her engagements in beauty pageants beyond the Miss Tibet competition, Tenzin Paldon continues to inspire and empower others, showcasing the beauty, resilience, and aspirations of the Tibetan people. Her participation serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of representation and advocacy in diverse forums to amplify the voices of marginalized communities worldwide.